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Choosing a Tire

Need tires?

Yep, we do that. We are your one-stop shop for just about anything your vehicle needs (except gas and bodywork).

We partner with several tire distributors in the area to bring together our excellent service and your preferred tire brands.

Brands we recommend:

  • BF Goodrich

  • Continental

  • Cooper

  • General

  • Mastercraft

  • Michelin

  • Pirelli

  • Toyo

  • Yokohama

Why are tire rotations and alignments important?

Tire rotations and alignments are essential for several reasons:

  • Even Tire Wear: Regular tire rotations ensure that your tires wear evenly. When you drive your car, the front and rear tires experience different amounts of pressure and force, which can cause them to wear at different rates. Rotating your tires regularly can help distribute this wear more evenly across all four tires, extending the life of your tires.

  • Improved Handling and Performance: Proper wheel alignment can improve the handling and performance of your car. When your wheels are aligned correctly, your car will track straighter and handle better, especially at high speeds. This can also help to improve your fuel efficiency, as your car will have less resistance on the road.

  • Safer Driving: Proper tire rotations and alignments can also improve your safety while driving. When your tires are properly aligned and rotated, they will have better traction and grip on the road, which can help you to avoid accidents and other hazards on the road.

  • Cost Savings: Regular tire rotations and alignments can also save you money in the long run. By extending the life of your tires and improving your fuel efficiency, you can save money on the cost of new tires and fuel costs.


Overall, tire rotations and alignments are important for maintaining the safety, performance, and longevity of your car's tires and for ensuring that your vehicle is operating at its best.

Protect your investment!

2020 RH-English.png

Our commitment to you doesn't stop when you walk out the door. That's why we offer a Nationwide Road Hazard Warranty on your new tires at a low cost to you.

The details:

Road Hazard Tire Protection provides three years of prorated coverage on your new tire purchase. Coverage is limited to the original or replacement selling price, whichever is less, and cannot exceed $399.99 per tire. Coverage is for three years or down to 2/32nds tread wear, whichever comes first.


Road Hazard Protection covers:

  • Punctures

  • Nails or Glass Damage

  • Bruise or Breaks

  • Potholes or Curb Damage

  • During the first 12 months, coverage includes flat tire changing assistance up to $75 and flat tire repair up to $25 per incident.

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